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Selected papers on image processing and image analysis

Updated: July 7, 2007

Low-level image processing

Basic methods of image segmentation

Document Image Decoding

Image Compression

Simple Document Image Applications

Complex Document Applications using Segmentation

Papers by Luc Vincent

Luc Vincent has made available a large number of his outstanding published papers, all in DjVu format. (DjVu is a "mixed raster" format, with separate text/line-graphics and image layers, both of which are compressed using lossy methods. The text layer is compressed by "tokenization": the connected components are identified and those that are nearly indistinguishable visually are grouped together by an unsupervised classifier. Only one of these tokens from each class is used to reproduce the image; in the file it is compressed by an arithmetic coding scheme. Wavelet compression is used on the image parts. The result is the finest document image compression method -- from a rate-distortion perspective -- available.)

Comprehensive bibliography

There is a comprehensive bibliography of of "computer vision", image processing, and related topics.

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